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Tatoes brand potatoes represent a total package of quality from the farm to the consumer. We grow, pack and ship the potatoes, and place the highest attention on ensuring we only pack our best product.

Grown in the warm, sandy soil of the Columbia River Basin in Washington, these potatoes develop under a long growing season with pure water from the Columbia River. After harvest, the potatoes are stored in modern, state-of-the-art refrigerated storages, and monitored with scientific exactness until they are taken to the packing facility to be washed, sorted, packaged and shipped.

Tatoes brand potatoes are grown by the owners, packed at owned facilities and sold by company sales personnel. The vertical integration allows us to be responsive to consumer requests and trends, and attentive to quality at every step of the process. Company farms include Tatoes LLC, 3P Farms LLC, and Olsen Agriprises. Packing facilities include Wahluke Produce Inc. and Tri-Cities Produce Inc. All sales are handled by Produce Country Sales LLC by our own sales personnel.

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