These potatoes, while still graded US No. 1 by the USDA inspectors inside our premises, will be packed in other labels, and still be high-quality potatoes.

Grown by: 

We oversee the growing of the potatoes.  Tatoes Brand potatoes are grown by established, highly-experienced farmers in the rich soil of the Columbia Basin in Central Washington.  Water from the Columbia River irrigates an otherwise desolate desert to produce some of the most productive farmland in the nation.  The long growing season of the Pacific Northwest allows the plants to reach full maturity, ensuring as much development in the plant as is naturally possible.

Sold by:

We developed our own sales and marketing staff.  Tatoes Brand potatoes are marketed and sold by Produce Country Sales, LLC of Pasco, WA. The sales team regularly visits each packaging facility to ensure they not only know what the current run of potatoes look like, but also so they can communicate customer and consumer concerns to packaging personnel.  Vital to a successful sales team is their ability to accurately represent the product for sale.  As a buyer, the credibility of the sales team is paramount – this hand-on approach to selling the potatoes has enabled the sales team to be trusted by their customers.

  Tatoes Brand potatoes are something special. The colorful label represents a vibrant and simple philosophy we try hard to emulate in every aspect of the process of bringing our potatoes to the table; from the type of seed potatoes used, to growing regions and practices - even in the storage and transportation of bulk potatoes to the packaging facility.  Especially in the sorting and packaging process as this is where we ensure consumers get nothing but our very best work. Tatoes Brand potatoes display a cute label, but in the background we are all about serious quality and performance.

  Not every potato will meet the quality standards required to be packed in a Tatoes box or bag.

We believe a premium label should contain premium potatoes.   We use the USDA No. 1 rating as a starting point.


 Packaged by:

We manage the packaging process.  Tatoes Brand potatoes are packaged by Tri-Cities Produce of Pasco, WA. and Wahluke Produce of Mattawa, WA.  These facilities are state-of-the-art facilities, employing the latest technology for sorting, handling and packaging.  Each facility is under strict guidelines to pack only the highest quality potatoes in  Tatoes Brand packages.


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